DICK'S Sporting Goods Open

  • August 17 - 19, 2018
  • En-Joie GC - Endicott, NY
  • Par 72
    Yards 6,974
  • Purse $2,050,000
    2018 Champion Bart Bryant


11Bart BryantB. Bryant-16-7F686765200$307,500.00-
21Michael BradleyM. Bradley-15-4F656868201$180,400.00-
T31Tom GillisT. Gillis-13-5F676967203$135,300.00-
T31Marco DawsonM. Dawson-13-4F657068203$135,300.00-
T512Paul GoydosP. Goydos-12-7F697065204$84,733.00-
T52Kenny PerryK. Perry-12-5F686967204$84,733.00-
T52Mark CalcavecchiaM. Calcavecchia-12-5F686967204$84,733.00-
T818Joe DurantJ. Durant-11-7F707065205$61,500.00-
T81Woody AustinW. Austin-11-4F667168205$61,500.00-
T1016Billy AndradeB. Andrade-10-6F687266206$47,150.00-
T107Jeff SlumanJ. Sluman-10-5F697067206$47,150.00-
T107Rod SpittleR. Spittle-10-5F706967206$47,150.00-
T107Bernhard LangerB. Langer-10-5F706967206$47,150.00-
T143Paul BroadhurstP. Broadhurst-9-4F687168207$34,850.00-
T143Lee JanzenL. Janzen-9-4F706968207$34,850.00-
T141Bob EstesB. Estes-9-3F677169207$34,850.00-
T141Ken TanigawaK. Tanigawa-9-3F716769207$34,850.00-
T1410Clark DennisC. Dennis-9-1F667071207$34,850.00-
T1914Duffy WaldorfD. Waldorf-8-6F736966208$24,249.00-
T192Jay HaasJ. Haas-8-3F687169208$24,249.00-
T197Steve FleschS. Flesch-8-4F716968208$24,249.00-
T192Glen DayG. Day-8-3F697069208$24,249.00-
T1912Doug GarwoodD. Garwood-8-1F647371208$24,249.00-
T1912Scott ParelS. Parel-8-1F696871208$24,249.00-
T1912Jerry HaasJ. Haas-8-1F696871208$24,249.00-
2616Gibby Gilbert IIIG. Gilbert III-7-6F746966209$19,475.00-
T2715Kevin SutherlandK. Sutherland-6-5F727167210$17,425.00-
T276Tommy Armour IIIT. Armour III-6-4F717168210$17,425.00-
T2714Gene SauersG. Sauers-6EF706872210$17,425.00-
T2723Wes Short Jr.W. Short Jr.-6+2F716574210$17,425.00-
T3130Billy MayfairB. Mayfair-5-8F727564211$13,838.00-
T3111Neal LancasterN. Lancaster-5-4F717268211$13,838.00-
T3111Scott McCarronS. McCarron-5-4F727168211$13,838.00-
T3111Jerry SmithJ. Smith-5-4F737068211$13,838.00-
T312Skip KendallS. Kendall-5-3F687469211$13,838.00-
T315Kent JonesK. Jones-5-1F697171211$13,838.00-
T3720Miguel Angel JimenezM. Angel Jimenez-4-6F707666212$10,455.00-
T3715Todd HamiltonT. Hamilton-4-5F737267212$10,455.00-
T375Dan ForsmanD. Forsman-4-3F737069212$10,455.00-
T374David FrostD. Frost-4-2F717170212$10,455.00-
T374Tommy TollesT. Tolles-4-2F746870212$10,455.00-
T374Olin BrowneO. Browne-4-2F736970212$10,455.00-
T377Stephen AmesS. Ames-4-1F717071212$10,455.00-
T4413Steve PateS. Pate-3-5F737367213$7,585.00-
T448Scott DunlapS. Dunlap-3-4F737268213$7,585.00-
T444Joey SindelarJ. Sindelar-3-3F717369213$7,585.00-
T4411Loren RobertsL. Roberts-3-1F727071213$7,585.00-
T4414Larry MizeL. Mize-3EF697272213$7,585.00-
T4431Fran QuinnF. Quinn-3+3F687075213$7,585.00-
T4427Willie WoodW. Wood-3+2F716874213$7,585.00-
T511Mark WalkerM. Walker-2-3F737269214$5,381.00-
T511John HustonJ. Huston-2-3F697669214$5,381.00-
T516Colin MontgomerieC. Montgomerie-2-4F757168214$5,381.00-
T5118Jeff MaggertJ. Maggert-2EF707272214$5,381.00-
T556David McKenzieD. McKenzie-1-4F727568215$4,612.00-
T5522Carlos FrancoC. Franco-1+1F707273215$4,612.00-
T57-Mike GoodesM. GoodesE-2F727470216$4,100.00-
T575Dudley HartD. HartE-1F757071216$4,100.00-
T5727Tom ByrumT. ByrumE+3F717075216$4,100.00-
6012Blaine McCallisterB. McCallister+1+1F737173217$3,690.00-
616Esteban ToledoE. Toledo+2-3F757469218$3,485.00-
6214Robert GamezR. Gamez+3+3F707475219$3,280.00-
T635Jesper ParnevikJ. Parnevik+4-2F727870220$2,972.00-
T6315Spike McRoyS. McRoy+4+4F747076220$2,972.00-
653Brad BryantB. Bryant+5-1F737771221$2,665.00-
T662Gary HallbergG. Hallberg+6+2F757374222$2,255.00-
T662Scott HochS. Hoch+6+2F747474222$2,255.00-
T665Jay Don BlakeJ. Don Blake+6+3F737475222$2,255.00-
691Mark BrooksM. Brooks+7+1F747673223$1,927.00-
706Steve JonesS. Jones+8+4F688076224$1,804.00-
T713Tom KiteT. Kite+10-2F827470226$1,620.00-
T713David EgerD. Eger+10+4F777376226$1,620.00-
73-R.W. EaksR.W. Eaks+11+4F777476227$1,435.00-
741Ken GreenK. Green+23+8F817880239$1,353.00-
751Gibby GilbertG. Gilbert+27+11F788283243$1,271.00-
--Fred FunkF. FunkWD-WD40---------
-9John DalyJ. DalyWD--7377--150---


Bob Harig ESPN Senior Writer 

Even with a bogey, it was an amazing nine holes for Tiger Woods at East Lake on Saturday. He started his round with 5 straight 3s, made 6 birdies and and shot 30 after a bogey at the long par-3 ninth. He is -12 and 4 strokes ahead of Justin Rose heading to the back at the Tour Championship.

Bob Harig ESPN Senior Writer 

Tiger Woods has started the third round of the Tour Championship with a flurry of birdies to take a 4-shot lead at East Lake. He made five consecutive 3s to begin his round before a birdie-4 at the sixth got him to -5 today and -12 overall. He began tied with Justin Rose, who is -1 and in second place. Rory McIlroy is 6 back.

Bob Harig @BobHarig

And #Tiger gets off to a good start by dropping a 23-footer at the first hole .... while Rose makes bogey

Bob Harig ESPN Senior Writer 

It is interesting to go back and read now what Lee Trevino said about Tiger's possible comeback before he had ever hit a shot post-fusion surgery. Trevino, 78, had a similar operation late in his career and felt it would do wonders for Woods. To Golf Digest last year: “My prediction, he'll come back in a blaze of glory. He's not too old, far from it. If he gets fixed, when he comes back to hitting and feels no pain, he's going to be so happy, that he may be more dangerous than he was before.”