United States' Timothy Weah: Neymar 'one of my closest friends' at PSG

Paris Saint-Germain attacker Timothy Weah told Sirius XM radio that he has grown close with Neymar and the rest of the team's Brazilian players.

Weah, who has been called up by the United States, will face Neymar and Brazil in a friendly on Friday. He has already scored two goals for PSG and is looking forward to facing his club teammates.

"I just want to point out Neymar, because he is one of the players that I did look up to," said Weah. "He was my idol a few years ago and now he is one of my closest friends on the team -- he even invited me to come to Brazil. To see that from such a high-level player, a guy that I look up to, and he is now inviting me to Brazil himself, we are chilling together -- it is great to see that they care about the young guys and our development.

"I feel that the supporters and the people outside of all of this do not really see that side of them that we see. I just want to make it clear that they are completely down to earth, amazing guys that care about the guys coming in. They make us really comfortable and I would not want any other teammates but them."

Weah also said he and Marquinhos engaged in a lot of trash talk before leaving Paris, and he praised the defender for helping him settle in on PSG's first team.

"It was really funny before I left for international camp," Weah said. "Marquinhos and I got into it in the shower about who was going to beat who and who is going to nutmeg who. It is a really funny vibe with him -- I love him, he is a completely down-to-earth guy. It is all fun and games, but we really do have a deep love for each other. I appreciate him as he showed me so much and I have gained so much maturity playing alongside him.

"The same goes for Neymar and Thiago Silva -- all of those guys. Even though it is about the business here, may the best man win, and we can all laugh together at the end of the day."