Roma fan jailed after Champions League violence at Liverpool


A Roma fan has been sentenced to two and a half years in jail for his part in the violence that preceded the Champions League semifinal at Liverpool in April.

Daniele Sciusco, a 29-year-old from Rome admitted violent disorder at Preston Crown Court

Liverpool fan Sean Cox, 53, is still in serious condition following the head injury he suffered in the melee before the game, though Sciusco was not the direct source of his injuries.

About 25 Roma fans converged on Walton Breck Road just outside of Anfield before kickoff, leading to the trouble. Sciusco had a belt in his hand, prosecutors said.

Sciusco was recognised by Italian police and was arrested after the game despite changing his clothes, the court heard.

"The Champions League semifinal was a major international football event that was being televised across Europe, and your actions and the actions of the Italian group tarnished significantly what was intended to be a sporting and enjoyable occasion," Recorder of Preston Judge Mark Brown said.

"It's important to stress you are not being sentenced for the dreadful attack on Mr Cox, but it did occur during violent disorder of which you were a part, and the impact on him has been catastrophic."

Filippo Lombardi, 21, has denied violent disorder and wounding/inflicting grievous bodily harm on Cox. He is due to stand trial later this year.