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Capello labels Jabulani the 'worst ball ever'

ESPN Soccernet staff
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Fabio Capello has been left bemused by a ball that is better used on the floor © Getty Images

Green blames himself - not the ball

England coach Fabio Capello has added his voice to those unhappy with the Jabulani ball being used at the World Cup, describing it as "terrible".

"[It] is the worst ball that I have seen in my life," he said. "For the players it is terrible. It's terrible for the keepers because it is impossible to deal with the trajectory. It's good when you play short passes but when you try to switch the ball with long passes it is really difficult to understand the trajectory.

"But the really big problem is that sometimes this ball is just impossible to control. Impossible. And when you shoot at the goal, you can see it's difficult. When you play on the floor, it's good. When you play the ball longer, it's more difficult."

When asked, Wayne Rooney said the players were "starting to get used to it eventually". He continued: "I can imagine it's been a nightmare for goalkeepers but for forward players when you get your shot off it's an advantage I feel. So I think we're getting more used to it with every day that goes by so hopefully that will help the forwards and midfielders to score more goals throughout the tournament."

Rooney added that Germany had a clear advantage as five clubs in the Bundesliga used the ball last season. "I am sure the Germans will be a lot more used to it. They used it all of last year."

Adidas, the manufacturers of the Jabulani, countered by blaming the teams for not taking up the company's offer to practice with the new balls ahead of the tournament. England, however, claim their attempts to get access to the ball were blocked until 15 days before the World Cup started.

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