Mexico backed to stage La Liga match following plans to play game in United States

La Liga's representative in Mexico has said he believes the country will host a Spanish top-flight match in the years to come.

With a Spanish game already planned for the United States this season, Nuno Perez-Pla said Mexico was "the second most important country" for La Liga.

"The potential that soccer has in the U.S. is what has convinced us that it was the first step to take La Liga outside of Spain," Perez-Pla said at a conference in Mexico City.

"But I'm certain that in the coming years we will think of other destinations such as Mexico, although initially we will do so in the U.S."

Mexico has the strongest La Liga following outside Spain, and Perez-Pla added: "Mexico is the second most important country for us.

"It's due to the closeness we have with Spain in terms of culture as well as the number of Mexicans that have gone to [play in] Spain. That has brought the league close to the Mexicans."

Perez-Pla said he had already considered places that could host a league game, but the capital, Mexico City, was not one of them because of its high altitude.

"There are other places such as Monterrey and Tijuana that can be considered for future events, whether it's for a league game or for La Liga World, a programme where we bring Spanish teams to compete with local sides," he added.

La Liga has yet to finalise the date, location or which teams will play the league game in the U.S., but its plans for the match have sparked opposition.

The Spanish Footballers' Association (AFE) is against them, while Aficiones Unidas, the organisation that represents fans in Spain, believes domestic supporters are being "disrespected."

Spanish Second Division players have issued a statement backing their colleagues in the top flight after they last week voted to oppose La Liga's plans.

But Perez-Pla said he expected the concerns to be addressed, adding: "There is an uneasiness because it's a new situation and we have to sit down with the players, the AFE, and present the project in more detail to all the fans.

"As soon as they see the importance of the game outside of Spain, they will give in."