German league to propose Aug. 1 end to transfer window across Europe

Pros and cons of the Premier League's new transfer policy (1:58)

The FC crew raise concerns with the Premier League's new transfer policy and how big European clubs can take advantage. (1:58)

The German Football League (DFL) is working on proposals to close the summer transfer window in Germany as early as Aug. 1 and will suggest their adoption across Europe, president Reinhard Rauball has said.

Last week, a majority of Premier League clubs voted for the window to close on Aug. 7 next year, before the start of the season.

No other European League has followed suit so far, meaning transfers in and out remain possible until Aug. 31.

But speaking to Sport Bild on Wednesday, Rauball said: "I will bring forward a motion to shorten the transfer period.

"If a corresponding decision is taken, it would be put to vote at the member's meeting in December."

Rauball said he would like to see the Aug. 1 date applied through Europe, with the DFL considering putting forward such a motion to UEFA and FIFA if the plan is backed at home.

"We'd have clarity then," he added. "The transfer period could then end on Aug. 1."

Rauball said there had been a level of transfer activity that is "no longer acceptable," adding: "That's why we have to lay down a marker, and it can be done that way."