UEFA hurting Eastern European clubs with FFP - Krasnodar owner

MOSCOW -- The billionaire owner of Russian club Krasnodar has accused UEFA of stifling the growth of football in Eastern Europe with financial fair play (FFP) restrictions.

Supermarket tycoon Sergei Galitsky's money has turned Krasnodar, who he founded in 2008, into a team challenging for a place in next season's Champions League.

Last week, however, that spending also earned Krasnodar punishment under financial fair play rules, introduced to stop clubs from spending beyond their means.

Galitsky says the rules place "too heavy a burden" on Eastern European clubs and stop them from becoming "competitive at the European level."

Since last year, five Russian clubs have been hit with FFP punishments. A sixth remains under investigation.

UEFA president Michel Platini said this week that some FFP regulations could be relaxed.