Newcastle treated Jonas Gutierrez like a 'bad dog' - mother

The mother of former Newcastle star Jonas Gutierrez has claimed she considered taking her own life at St James' Park -- after he was "thrown out like a bad dog'' following his cancer diagnosis.

In evidence supporting the Argentina international's disability discrimination claim, Monica Montore said she was so upset with Newcastle's hierarchy she wanted to leave a suicide note for club officials.

Gutierrez, who now plays for Deportivo, is reported to be seeking around £2 million in compensation after alleging Newcastle "ensured'' he did not start in enough matches to trigger an automatic extension clause in his contract.

The 32-year-old further claims that Newcastle told him his future lay elsewhere and viewed him as a "liability'' after he was diagnosed with testicular cancer in October 2013.

Addressing an employment tribunal in Birmingham, Ms Montore claimed she discussed the issue of suicide with one of her son's lawyers, Colin Pomford, in January 2014.

Ms Montore, who acts as her son's manager, was assisted by a Spanish interpreter as she told the hearing: "I was so distressed at what they had done to Jonas that I just wanted to take my own life at the club's door.

"I was going to leave a letter to say what a terrible way they had treated Jonas. He returns from his operation to have lost a testicle -- from a hit on Newcastle's pitch... he returns from that operation and they throw him out like a bad dog.''

In a written witness statement submitted to the tribunal, Ms Montore, a company director who lives in Argentina, said she acted as her son's manager in respect of key professional decisions and had selected Pedro Bravo as his agent in June 2008.

The statement said Ms Montore was "so upset and helpless about the way Jonas was being treated'' that it compounded her distress at his cancer diagnosis.

Under cross-examination from Newcastle's barrister, Sean Jones QC, Ms Montore was asked to explain why she had not raised her concerns about discrimination directly with the club.

Mr Jones asked Montore: "You were going to raise the subject of discrimination in a suicide note? If you had genuinely thought that your son was being discriminated against -- rather than just treated insensitively -- you would have raised it formally wouldn't you?''

Ms Montore answered: "I think you are trying to dress a monkey with a silk dress and trying to pretend that it is a princess.''