Celta's Iago Aspas accused of racial abuse by Levante's Jefferson Lerma

MADRID -- Levante midfielder Jefferson Lerma has accused Celta Vigo striker Iago Aspas of using a racist slur to insult him during a La Liga match on Sunday.

Lerma tells GOL television that "these acts of racism can't happen."

Aspas, who is a Spain international, denies racially abusing Lerma.

Aspas tells Celta's website that "what is said on the pitch, stays on the pitch, so I won't repeat what he said to me. In any case, I did not say what he says I did."

Lerma, who is black, says that he reported the alleged abuse to referee Alfonso Alvarez, but claims that Alvarez responded that he was tired of his complaints.

Alvarez made no mention of the incident in his report.

Levante issued a statement saying they fully supported Lerma and their "rejection of all racism in football."

Celta won the match at Levante 1-0.