Manchester City made 'horrendous tackles' in FA Cup tie - Warnock

Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock has accused Manchester City of making "some horrendous tackles" as the fallout of their controversial FA Cup tie last month continues.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola was furious after his side's 2-0 fourth-round win at Cardiff on Jan. 28 when Leroy Sane was the victim of a dreadful Joe Bennett tackle and damaged an ankle ligament.

Guardiola made an impassioned plea after the game for referees to protect players better, saying he feared that Cardiff's approach had put his men at risk of serious injury, but Warnock is still bristling over those accusations.

"I wished they would have put a slow still of Kevin De Bruyne's tackle and studs on Jazz Richards," Warnock said. "And the bad tackle of Fernandinho, and then when they played West Brom the following week.

"There were some horrendous tackles and nothing was said about that because there were another eight or nine games. We were unlucky on the day because Chelsea and Newcastle was the only other game and that was a damp squib."

Bennett was only booked for his challenge on Sane before being sent off in the final seconds for another tackle on City substitute Brahim Diaz.

Warnock was so angry that he forced Bennett to train on his own last weekend, when he was suspended for the Championship win at Leeds United.

"I got more stick than Joe Bennett," Warnock said ahead of Cardiff's league trip to Millwall on Friday night. "I slaughtered him when I saw it. I said, 'You do a horrific tackle like that and I get three days of hell.'

"The same people keep on having a go and you just have to get on with it -- but we are genuine. We go into tackles but we also play some good football."