England to trial VARs in Wembley Cup charity match on Saturday

England's first trial of the video assistant referee (VAR) system will be held on Saturday at Wembley, the Football Association has announced.

The system will be used during the Wembley Cup charity match, which is reportedly set to feature the likes of Steven Gerrard and Rio Ferdinand.

Last year a two-year trialling of the system was approved by the International Football Association Board (IFAB).

It sees VARs, watching a game on television screens, being available to review four types of situation: goals, penalty/no penalty decisions, straight red cards, and cases of mistaken identity.

It is only to be used "to correct clear errors and for missed serious incidents'' in those "match-changing'' situations, the IFAB has said.

VARs and other match officials are able to recommend reviews, but the only person who can initiate one is the referee, who will then have the final say on whether their original decision should stand or be changed.

They have the option to review footage themselves on a pitch-side monitor before making a final decision.

Trials have been taking place across the world, including in the Bundesliga, Serie A and Major League Soccer.

The system was also in use over the summer at the Confederations Cup and Under-20 World Cup, and in England's 3-2 friendly loss to France in Paris.