Brazil's Dani Alves enjoys fame, gets people talking, liking and sharing

Dani Alves does a lot to get people talking, liking and sharing. TF-Images/Getty Images

This is a profile of Dani Alves, who is part of ESPN's World Fame 100.

Dani Alves likes fame. And he does a lot to get people talking, liking and sharing.

The social-network pages belonging to the Paris Saint-Germain defender are a paradise for his followers. There, Dani Alves shows his fashionable side through his new clothes and shoes. To some, he dictates fashion. To others, he is a little extravagant. For everybody, he is fun.

And that is not all. It is there that Dani Alves shows his artistic side, singing trendy and old pagodes and making unknown songs into instant successes.

It is there that he also fires off phrases that get repeated by fans all over the world and become mantras on social media.

Unfortunately he will miss the World Cup, where fans would certainly have had a very particular -- and very funny -- view of how it is to compete in Russia. It's a pity...

Anyway, when it comes to fame, Dani Alves dictates fashion.