Neymar cannot escape fame in Brazil, no matter where he goes

Neymar's face is pretty much inescapable across Brazil. Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

This is a profile of Neymar, who is part of ESPN's World Fame 100.

Neymar is the biggest celebrity in Brazil. He's bigger than any other actor, singer or sportsman. Neymar is the guy when you're talking about fame.

No one there has more followers on social media. Neymar dominates on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. One picture of him, and there are millions of likes. One video and more millions of hearts appear.

Fame begets fame, right? In the case of Neymar, yes. After all, between breakups and makeups, there he is again exchanging declarations of love with actress Bruna Marquezine, another cherished celebrity in Brazil. And there's more: Turn on the TV and you will see Neymar in all manner of commercials, from electronics to banks to vitamins to coffee. In the middle of all this, he plays soccer and earns millions for it.

Fame begets controversy, right? Again, in the case of Neymar, yes. His departure from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain still fuels debate, and speculation of a new transfer, now to Real Madrid, has set the media on fire.

He is everywhere. Everywhere. In the dictionary, if you look up "fame," one synonym surely is Neymar.