Cristiano Ronaldo sculptor takes second shot at bust after first went viral

You may not instantly recognise the name, but there was a point in 2017 when Emanuel Santos became the subject of worldwide ridicule.

Alas, the Portuguese sculptor was the man responsible for producing the mis-shapen bronze bust of Cristiano Ronaldo that provoked an avalanche of jokes, memes and viral mockery when it was unveiled outside Madeira International Airport.

However, exactly one year on down the line, Santos has been gifted a shot at redemption and been commissioned by Bleacher Report to take a second attempt at capturing the Real Madrid superstar's essence.

"I'm making the bust again to show people that I'm not what the media made me look like," the artist said.

The second bust is undoubtedly a lot more polished and lifelike, though it also lacks the naive charm of the wonky original.

"I liked the result [of the first bust] and was really proud of it. And if I had to do it again, I would make everything exactly the same," Santos added.

That's the spirit.