Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo takes anger at sub out on cameraman

Cristiano Ronaldo likes to play football; we all know this. Even at 32 years old (33 on Monday) he doesn't want to come off the pitch for a single minute.

That must be why he looked so perturbed to be substituted for Real Madrid against Levante on Saturday.

Ronaldo clearly wasn't too impressed with his manager, Zinedine Zidane, whom he blanked as he walked past, but he was even less impressed with the cameraman who decided that focusing on the No. 7's pouting on the bench was far more interesting than the game.

Reportedly mouthing "don't film me, focus on the game" -- you can kind of see Ronaldo's point, if it wasn't such gripping TV.

Hopefully the cameraman didn't stay on him for too long, though, as Real let a 2-1 lead slip without their talisman to concede a late equaliser ... though we imagine his reaction to that was priceless.