Glen Johnson's son creates super tribute to Man United ace Juan Mata

With Christmas round the corner, Glen Johnson's young son took matters into his own hands to get just what he wanted.

His dad may be ex-Liverpool and now at Stoke, but that hasn't stopped Johnson Jr. from becoming a big fan of Manchester United ace Juan Mata.

And rather than leave things to chance -- Father Christmas gets pretty busy this time of year, admittedly -- a rather ingenious idea has led to the creation of a unique, custom-made Mata shirt.

Instead of waiting for the big day to get his hands on a Manchester United shirt with Mata on the back, Johnson's boy took out the marker pens and scribbled his hero's name on the back.

Posting the image on Twitter, Stoke defender Johnson said: "Well he did want a Mata shirt but I guess he couldnt wait......"

Top marks for artistic impression!