What U.S. fans need for Christmas: A World Cup team to pull for

What does every football fan of the United States -- or Italy or Netherlands for that matter -- need for a gift this holiday? Well a team to pull for at the 2018 World Cup of course.

With all three teams missing out on the world's biggest stage, a company in Mexico had an interesting solution for one forlorn fan of the Red, White and Blue: They aired a commercial showing a brokenhearted young American receiving a Javier Hernandez El Tri jersey from Santa Claus for Christmas.

And honestly, U.S. fans could do a lot worse than jump on the Mexico bandwagon next summer. They have a very respectable squad looking to make a deep run, a boisterous fanbase in America so you'll make lots of new friends and, most importantly, they didn't finish behind Panama and Honduras in qualifying so they, you know, made the tournament.