Aleksander Ceferin: UEFA must consider salary cap to tackle divide

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has told Slovenian magazine Mladina that he is considering the introduction of a salary cap in order to close the gap between football's biggest clubs and the rest.

Ceferin said he feared a growing gap in football and wanted to address the problem with what he said would be "an historic change."

He has previously said European football's governing body must "be prepared to tackle the decrease in competitive balance within European club competitions and secondary effects affecting domestic competitions."

Ceferin told the magazine: "In future, we will have to take into serious consideration the possibility of limiting clubs' budgets for players' wages. If we succeed it will, in my opinion, be an historic change."

He warned that the gap between the biggest clubs and the rest was "increasing dangerously."

And he said some bigger clubs bought more players than they needed in order to prevent them from going elsewhere and added: "With the introduction of salary caps, clubs should think more about what they are worth. "

But he said UEFA would face "a great fight" to make the proposal a reality, warning: "Those who have the most money are the strongest and have the best connections in the media."