Roma's Eusebio Di Francesco injures hand punching wall during goal celebration

Eusebio Di Francesco shows off his hand cast (0:50)

AS Roma's twitter account posted a photo of Eusebio Di Francesco's hand wrapped in a cast after he injured it celebrating a late equalizer against Atalanta. (0:50)

Roma boss Eusebio Di Francesco injured his left hand punching a plexiglass window while celebrating his side's late equaliser against Atalanta on Monday.

The Giallorossi rallied to secure a 3-3 draw at the Stadio Olimpico, with Kostas Manolas' 82nd-minute strike sparking a wild reaction from the Italian coach who kicked the air and struck the dugout wall with a powerful left hook.

Di Francesco later attended his postmatch news conference with his left hand bandaged and was again seen with what appeared to be a cast during team training on Tuesday with reports suggesting he'd broken a finger on his hand.

"I go crazy because at times I'd like a little more focus," Di Francesco said after the match, explaining his excessive response.

"I wanted balance in the last 10 minutes, yet we looked like amateur hour out there with 11 attacking against 11 defending. It's no way to play."