Wenger shocked by 'earthquake' of criticism after Arsenal's cup loss

How Wenger is jeopardising his legacy at Arsenal (9:16)

In the midst of another underwhelming season at the Emirates, the ESPN FC panel wonder if Arsene Wenger's time is running out at Arsenal. (9:16)

LONDON -- Arsene Wenger says he's amazed at the "earthquake" of criticism following Arsenal's loss to Man City in the Carabao Cup final and insists he remains in full control of all key decisions at the club, despite increased speculation that his job is under threat.

Wenger and his players have been slammed by pundits and fans alike following the 3-0 defeat at Wembley, which has led to renewed suggestions that his position could be reviewed by the Arsenal board this summer.

Wenger, though, urged people to put the loss in "perspective" - pointing to his team's impressive FA Cup record in recent years and the fact that they had to get past Chelsea to get to Sunday's final in the first place.

"When you get to a final, it's not guaranteed always that you win it. I'm quite amazed that it's such an earthquake that we have lost a final, that means we got our fans used to going to Wembley and to win it. But no one can guarantee that," the Arsenal boss said.

"You have to accept as well that we played against a quality team. That's why I speak about taking a little bit perspective of the game as well. First of all, 85 percent of the big games are decided by the first goal. Once you are down 1-0 against a team of that calibre, you know you have a hell of a task.

"And the second goal, incidentally, that was offside for me, makes of course a big difference in a game like that."

Wenger was speaking to reporters ahead of Thursday's rematch against Man City in the Premier League, having earlier bristled at questions about his future during a news conference.

The French manager repeatedly refused to answer whether he will be subjected to a board review this summer or whether he'll be allowed to see out the last year of his contract if the team doesn't qualify for the Champions League.

But when asked if he felt that this was the first time in his 22-year reign that the decision about his future wasn't entirely in his own hands, Wenger replied: "All the decisions that are technical have always been mine, and that will remain, because it's a part of my job."

And he reiterated that his own commitment to the club is unwavering, and that he remains intent on seeing out the two-year contract he was handed last summer.

He said: "I'm here for 21 years, and I always respected my contract, so I'm quite amazed that you asked me the question. In life, I look at what people do, not at what they say. And what I did in my life was that [respect my contract].

"So I'm quite amazed that you ask me the question. After, if you want me not to be here, that's a different problem. You ask me about my commitment, my attitude is dictated by what I did in my life. Not what I talk here at the press conference.

"In life you focus on the quality of what is your job and how well you commit, how hard you work. And you try to master what you can master. You will not decide your future at your newspapers, so I'm exactly like you. I'm an employee, and I give my best for my club that I love."