Mick Schumacher: The only driver I want to be like is my dad

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BARCELONA, Spain -- Mick Schumacher says there is no driver he wishes to emulate other than his father, Michael Schumacher, a man he said he appreciates more every day.

The younger Schumacher, 20, got his first taste of Formula One machinery earlier this year in a Ferrari test after the Bahrain Grand Prix, the team his father won five world championships with at the start of the 2000s. His father is statistically the best driver to have raced in F1, retiring with seven titles and 91 career victories.

Mick has been watching old racing clips as part of his preparation for this season, and he admits this process has helped him understand the scale of what his father achieved.

"It's never easy [to watch his old races] but what he's done is extraordinary," he said. I appreciate it more every day."

When asked if there was any driver on the current grid he wishes to emulate, he said: "To be honest, no. There's obviously a lot of drivers that are in F1 because they're one of the best drivers out there, so I can learn from everyone.

"There's no one person I can talk to and try and be as him -- but the one person I want to is my dad. But it's always good to have a lot of sources, try to talk to them and try to talk to most of them and see how much you can use for yourself."

Michael has not been seen in public since sustaining life-threatening injuries in a December 2013 skiing accident. It is believed he still requires care at the family home in Switzerland as part of his recovery process.

During his career, Michael was known for his attention to detail, although he had a reluctance to test in simulators due to suffering from motion sickness. Mick appears to share those traits, as he does not follow the trend of participating in online racing in his spare time, something young drivers such as Max Verstappen and Lando Norris are known for.

"I don't do any sim at home or whatever. If I do, it's with the team which is a proper preparation for me. [I focus on] data, everything, all the key points I need to be prepared.

"At home I basically just go through it, through my notes, and try and take everything so I am in a good place to arrive here for practise and be ready. I prefer going training, on the bike and to the gym, which is for me also very good on the mental side. I don't have the feeling I need to do online racing."