Lewis Hamilton: I know I'm better than Sebastian Vettel

Roscoe or Coco? (1:48)

World champion Lewis Hamilton takes on our fiendish quiz, which has only one rule -- You Have To Answer! (1:48)

BUDAPEST, Hungary -- Lewis Hamilton says he will leave it to the public to decide who is the more talented driver in this year's title race, but is convinced in his own mind that he has the edge over Sebastian Vettel.

Hamilton claimed a surprise pole position in Hungary by mastering wet conditions as Mercedes locked out the front row of the grid ahead of Ferrari. It was the reigning world champion's second memorable performance in six days, having won the chaotic German Grand Prix from 14th on the grid in changing conditions last weekend.

Although Ferrari appeared to have the strongest car in the dry it failed to convert that potential on Saturday afternoon and Vettel will line up fourth, behind teammate Kimi Raikkonen.

When asked if he felt his pole position lap, and the fact Vettel struggled by comparison, proved to him he is the better driver, he replied: "Obviously I know the answer to that question but it's for you and the public to judge that.

"All I can do is try to be the best I can be every single time we get on track and regardless of ultimately mine and everyone's opinion, the results will hopefully speak for themselves so that's what I put all my energy into. In such tricky conditions with so much pressure today, hopefully the more and more and more I do, days like this, hopefully, bit by bit, maybe we will change the mentality or the thought process of fans who maybe thought one way, shift them to the other way.

"Who knows? I don't know why but my following goes up like 100,000 every week so I'm doing something right."

Following his win in Germany and Vettel's dramatic crash out from the lead, Hamilton is ahead in the championship fight by 17 points.