Romain Grosjean says Esteban Ocon ignored his French GP clash apology

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SPIELBERG, Austria -- Despite still upset at receiving a penalty he labelled "nonsense'', Romain Grosjean still sent a contrite message to Esteban Ocon for their clash at the French Grand Prix.

Grosjean and Ocon's cars touched on the run down to Turn 1 in the opening seconds of their home race. During his Thursday media session, Grosjean immediately pulled out his phone to show his onboard footage of him driving in a straight line on the very edge of the circuit when the clash occurred.

Several days have passed since the incident but Grosjean still feels aggrieved about the fact the stewards gave him a five-second penalty, which he had to serve at his pit stop.

"Tell me what I did wrong?" Grosjean said. "That's how you get a five-second penalty. Did I move my steering wheel? Did I do anything?"

"It's absolutely nonsense. That's all I can say. I couldn't know he was there because I'm almost on the edge of the track so I'm not expecting a car to be there."

Ocon's race ended several corners later, when he and the grid's other Frenchman, Pierre Gasly, collided at Turn 4, sending them both out of the race. Despite feeling blameless for the first incident Grosjean still sent a message to Ocon.

"I apologised. I sent him a text saying 'I didn't see you, sorry'. Anyway I think he ruined his grand prix two corners later."

When asked if he got a reply, Grosjean said: "No. And I flew in with him this morning and he didn't say anything. But that's another story. I saw him for an hour and a half on the plane. It's alright. It was our home grand prix and everyone wanted to do well."

Ocon's media session had already been and gone by the time Grosjean made his comments, meaning the Force India driver was unable to give his side of the story.