Haas: Aerodynamic department growth key to 2018 success

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Guenther Steiner says Haas' aerodynamic development will be "better and more consistent" in 2018 as the team continues to increase the size of its Formula One operation.

Haas has a close technical partnership with Ferrari, which includes an engine deal, and also works closely with Italian chassis designers Dallara. The team has been building its own aerodynamic department since joining the grid in 2015.

When asked if that had been the biggest area of growth for the team, team principal Steiner said: "Yes, absolutely.

"We started to get people in last year and there is more coming now. There are more as well as last year when we started we did not enough people as we just started. Our aero development should be more better and consistent [next year]."

Despite an improved second season in F1 and a big increase in points scored, Haas repeated its 2015 finish of eighth in the constructors' championship. Steiner is disappointed the team's continued internal growth did not materialise into a jump up the pecking order.

"I think we were better than last year but we cannot show it, we are in the same position with more points. Eight points more would make us heroes. If you finish sixth in your second your then your heroes but we are eighth like last year, it's like we haven't made any progress -- not enough.

"We have made progress and I think the competition -- which i think is a good thing and is not meant negative, there is no really bad team anymore in here which is a good thing. It's very difficult and competitive. I am happy with the progress, but disappointed that we cannot show that we made it as we are still where we were last year in the championship."