Why Kevin Magnussen is loving life with 'very straightforward' Haas

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Kevin Magnussen says a lot of his satisfaction with Haas this season was down to the fact there is "no bulls---" at the small American team.

Magnussen joined Haas having raced a full season with McLaren in 2014 and Renault in 2016. The Danish driver signed a multi-year deal with Gene Haas' squad, meaning 2018 will be the first time he has competed successive seasons for an F1 team.

Having experienced the pressures of F1 at two of its biggest factory outfits, Magnussen is happy with the simpler approach.

"I feel very at home, very happy," Magnussen said when asked if he finally felt settled. "It's nice to be in a team that's very simple.

"Everyone here is here to go racing. There's no bull---- or any commercial stuff. It's very uncommercial, a real race team. It's kind of going racing in Formula One with an F3 team. It's very straightforward.

"I think it's just that we don't have to deal with people you don't want to deal with. There's no one here that I don't really enjoy working with. You don't have to do stuff that doesn't have anything to do with racing, it's all racing and none of the other stuff. It just gives you a different feeling of... no bull----."

Magnussen joined Haas after turning down Renault's offer of a one-year extension for 2017. After leaving the French manufacturer, he said its leadership structure had been too bloated and confusing to be effective. He says there are no similar problems with Haas.

When asked how easy it was to go and speak to team owner Haas or team principal Guenther Steiner, he said: "You just go and speak to them. They're all there in the debriefing, they don't have to speak to any sponsors or anything, they're in the office with us -- apart of everything.

"I really enjoy working as a team, as a whole, not just working with the engineers and mechanics. It's really one team."