Jenson Button to return to racing in Japan's Super GT

Former F1 world champion Jenson Button will race in the Super GT category in Japan next season after taking a sabbatical year in 2017.

Button took part in the Monaco Grand Prix this year as a one off with McLaren-Honda, but effectively retired from F1 at the end of the 2016 season. He also drove a one-off race in the Super GT series at the Suzuka 1000km in August and the experience convinced him to take part in a full season next year.

"I'll be racing for Honda and have a contract to race with Honda in Super GT in 2018," Button said at the Honda Thanks Day festival at Motegi over the weekend. "It's been a dream for the last couple of years, I love the category. I did one race in Suzuka this year, and it got me very excited."

Earlier this year, Button hinted he was interested a return to racing in 2018 despite admitting he "fell out of love" with F1 in 2016. In the same interview he revealed that he was happy to draw a line under his F1 career following his one-off appearance in Monaco this year.

"It was nice to have another taste of it and have a taste of these cars but it also made me realise that... I mean Monaco is a crazy weekend anyway, it's very different to anything else but I knew that when I finished that weekend that I was not going to be back."