Brawn: Old F1 logo wasn't iconic or memorable

Ross Brawn has weighed in on the debate over Formula One's new logo, arguing the old trademark was "neither iconic or memorable".

F1 unveiled its new logo on Sunday, kick starting a rebranding process that will take full effect in March next year. The new design was met by a mixed reaction on social media, with many asking why the old logo -- which had served the sport for 23 years -- needed changing.

But as one third of Formula One's new triumvirate of power alongside CEO Chase Carey and commercial boss Sean Bratches, Brawn argues that the change was entirely necessary.

"Over the past few days the question was asked as to whether the logo is really a major priority and the answer is yes," he said. "Apart from the commercial aspects, the new logo is much more flexible in terms of its use, especially when it comes to its application on merchandising and in the digital world. It has impact.

"The old logo was neither iconic or memorable. It was important to let Formula One fans see that we are entering a new era. Our sport is changing and must look to the future and also outside its own environment if it is to attract new fans, especially among the young.

"We believe this logo exemplifies this desire: in a world where visual communication is ever more important, we must also move in this direction."

The new logo is part of a wider rebranding of the sport, set to take effect in March next year. New on-screen graphics, online offerings and an Over The Top product are set to be tied together under the new logo, which is said to come across more clearly on digital platforms.