Hamilton: Abu Dhabi one of the worst for overtaking

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ABU DHABI -- Lewis Hamilton has labelled the Yas Marina Circuit as one of the worst for overtaking in Formula One after spending the vast majority of Sunday's Abu Dhabi Grand Prix stuck behind teammate Valtteri Bottas.

Hamilton finished second to Bottas after Mercedes dominated the race ahead of main rivals Ferrari. He closed in on his teammate following the single round of pit stops and again when Bottas made a mistake at Turn 5 with six laps remaining, but was unable to find a way past.

"You get a bit of a tow down the straight but once you get to the last sector, it's a great track but unfortunately it doesn't suit the cars very well," he said. "In the last sector you just can't follow.

"So I don't know if it was an exciting race to watch overtaking-wise but it's one of the worst tracks in the sense that you need a 1.4s advantage to pass the car in front.

"We've got the same car and there's only a couple of tenths between us so I was never going to overtake unless he made a big mistake and went off, which he didn't. Plus they have massive run off areas, so you can still keep it on."

Hamilton praised Bottas' driving under pressure and said the result was a "very strong" win over rivals Ferrari at the final race of 2017.

"I think we both had one mistake in the whole race - a lock up for me in Turn 17 and one for him in Turn 5, but otherwise pretty much perfect. With that pressure, he did exceptionally.

"But also for me, it feels like a win for everyone because it's a one-two for Mercedes, a very strong win over Ferrari this weekend. This is what we mean to continue next year. Of course, going into next season it's back to business but I'm excited for the challenge ahead."