Radio Ga Ga: Japanese Grand Prix

Peter J Fox/Getty Images

ESPN rounds up the best radio soundbites from the Japanese Grand Prix, as Lewis Hamilton edged closer to a fourth world championship title.

SV: "I know you're not allowed to talk to me but if there's anything for safety or reliability let me know."

"Driver default delta two off. Driver default alpha four six when you can."

The moment Sebastian Vettel realised his chances of a much-needed fightback in Japan were in jeopardy. Ferrari discovered a problem with a spark plug on the German's car moments before the race began, but ran out of time to fix it. The issue would prove to be terminal, leaving Vettel's title chances hanging by a thread.

CS: "I'm really sorry guys. I just went for it... didn't happen."

"It's OK Carlos, it's OK. A shame to close the race like this, but anyway, thank you for all this time."

Carlos Sainz's final race for Toro Rosso did not go to plan, as the Spaniard ended his tenure with the Faenza-based outfit on a sad note by spinning into the barriers on the opening lap in Japan.

SP: "Guys, can I attack Esteban? He's just too slow."

"No Checo... no. Hold position, hold position. We will have more updates for you in a few laps."

SP: "Tell him to pick up the pace. He's too slow!"

Force India imposed team orders in Suzuka in an attempt to avoid further fireworks between its drivers. Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon, who clashed in Baku and Belgium, made it safely home without drama to secure a double points finish for the team.

"My DRS is stuck open! My DRS is stuck open! It doesn't f------ close!"

A bizarre DRS malfunction in the closing stages ended any hopes of a points finish for Renault's Nico Hulkenberg.

"Good boy!"

Kevin Magnussen's bold pass on Williams' Felipe Massa on lap 42 gained ESPN's approval as our 'overtake of the day' and also made his team pretty happy, too. Haas went on to record its best two-car points finish in F1.

"OK you're clear to push now Kimi, you're clear to push now..."

KR: "Yeah I'm pushing all the time!"

More radio gold from the Iceman. Never change, Kimi...

MV: "Am I allowed to give it everything?"

"As long as you are sensible and you can take an opportunity then yes."

A charging Max Verstappen asked his team for permission to use all the tools at his disposal in order to attack Hamilton. The Dutchman fell agonisingly short of a challenge, however, after being held up in traffic on the penultimate lap.

"Get in there Lewis boy. Beautiful work, lovely managed race. That's a fantastic result."

LH: "Got some vibrations on this in-lap."

"OK copy so is that from PU or just tyres?"

LH: "Yeah from the PU."

"Copy, we'll advise."

LH: "After I shift."

Some immediate concern for race-winner Lewis Hamilton after he took the chequered flag. The Briton reported possible vibrations on his power unit, but Mercedes later downplayed any concerns regarding the health of his engine.

"Thank you mate. Thanks everyone. It's been a pleasure."

Jolyon Palmer's final race for Renault -- and possibly his last in F1 -- ended on somewhat of a damp squib. The Briton, who will be replaced by Carlos Sainz from the United States Grand Prix, thanked the French manufacturer after completing 35 races together.