Radio Ga Ga: Singapore Grand Prix

Life through a lens: Singapore's first-corner carnage (1:31)

Mark Sutton reveals how a small team of F1 photographers captured the chaos of the opening corner in Singapore. (1:31)

ESPN rounds up the best radio soundbites from a dramatic and chaotic Singapore Grand Prix weekend, as the 2017 title battle took another twist in the opening seconds of the race.

"F--- yeah baby! In your face!"

Nico Hulkenberg was in a jubilant mood after finding out he had out-qualified both McLaren drivers in Q3.

"Wooooo hooo hooooo! Yes yes ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye yes! Wooo hooo! Ragazzi di grande! Oh ho! Oh I touched the wall badly out of 19 but I had to go for it. Grazie. Ooooooh! Grande lavoro. Grande grazie grazie grazie!"

Sebastian Vettel's reaction to being told he had sealed his fourth pole position around the Marina Bay Street Circuit after a stunning lap in the final part of qualifying.

"Oh, I got damage. Got damage! Ooaaaarrr! I'm... yeah."

Max Verstappen on being hit by both Ferrari drivers, before he got caught up in a second collision at Turn 1 as Kimi Raikkonen's out-of-control Ferrari clouted into him once more, with innocent bystander Fernando Alonso also collected.

RAI: "What the f--- did they do?"

"No idea, are you OK mate?"

RAI: "Yeah I'm OK, but it's just... ridiculous."

Raikkonen was left bewildered after seeing his race come to a premature end following a lightning-fast getaway.

VET: "Yeah I spun, lost the car. I think I have damage on the... front left."

"Yeah big damage, big damage on the sidepod. Stop the car. Stop the car."

VET: "You sure?"

"Yes, you know we're out of water pressure."

VET: "I confirm I stop the car, correct?"

"Yes, stop the car now."

VET: "OK, sorry guys. P-0. Sorry. I'm really sorry."

Could this end up being the defining moment of the 2017 title battle? It certainly was a huge blow to Vettel's championship hopes as he retired for the first time this season, enabling Lewis Hamilton to move 28 points clear in the drivers' standings.

"Well done Chilli, well done. Next target Vandoorne."

SAI: "Leave me alone, leave me alone! I need to focus guys, don't talk to me."

Carlos Sainz was in no mood to talk after overtaking McLaren's Stoffel Vandoorne during the early stages in Singapore.

"So Lewis, just remember this race is all going to be about getting the car home in one piece."

HAM: "I realise that Bono."

Sometimes F1 race-engineers can be guilty of stating the obvious, as Hamilton found out while he negotiated tricky conditions in Singapore's first-ever wet race.

"Press 'L' button, press 'L' button..."

MAG: "Come on, shut up!"

Kevin Magnussen was another driver who wasn't keen on making conversation over team radio.

"Guys what can I say? He he! What a turnaround today. Fantastic job with the strategy, thank you so much for all of the hard work and your continued belief in me. What a great day!"

Hamilton thanks his team after securing an unlikely victory under the lights -- the 60th win of his F1 career.

"Vai, vai Carlos! P4 Carlos! Boomshakalaka! Grande... Vamos! Vamos!"

SAI: "Vamos! Vamos! Vamos! Vamos! Vamos! Vamos! Vamos! Vamos! Vamos! Vamos! Vamos! Vamos! Vamos! Toma! Toma!"

"Ha ha ha!"

SAI: "Toma!"

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

Carlos Sainz and Toro Rosso race-engineer Marco Matassa break into an emotion-filled celebration after the Spaniard crossed the line to claim a career-best fourth-place finish.