Felipe Massa: Williams needs to show it wants me to stay

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Felipe Massa is still undecided on whether he wants to extend his Formula One career into a 16th season.

Massa reversed his decision to retire at the start of the year to replace Mercedes-bound Valtteri Bottas at Williams, the team he had driven for since 2014. The Brazilian had appeared poised to switch to Formula E before his comeback and has recently confirmed he wants to race all-electric series whenever he is ready to retire from F1 for good.

Williams has endured a tricky campaign this year but its long-term prospects look better with the arrival of technical chief Paddy Lowe at the start of the year. Massa suggests the team's vision for the next few years will influence his decision.

When asked if he wants to stay with Williams for another season at his Singapore GP media session, he said: "Yeah definitely, I'm looking to see what is going to happen. For sure I am interested to stay if everything around that I think is correct for me to stay.

"The team, what are the plans for the team, what are the ideas for next year, what is around everything. And the team needs to show that it wants to have me. If I see that, maybe I'll stay. If I don't see that, I don't stay.

"I need to carry on in the position I always try to have and I always have to be honest. I think that's what I'm looking forward for next year. If I find the way to stay in the position I want for myself as a team, everything around the team, then I stay. Otherwise, I don't stay."

Williams options away from Massa appear to be limited. Rumours linger about a possible swoop for Fernando Alonso but that deal remains highly unlikely.

One complication for Williams revolves around its contract with title sponsor Martini and the youth of 18-year-old Stroll -- meaning the team's second driver must be above the age of 25 for advertising purposes. Massa agrees his chances look good but he wants to get another deal because the team wants him there, not just because he's the only option.

"I feel the same. I feel in exactly the same position. But it's not just because of that. As I said, I want to have everything I want in the way that I believe is correct for me."