Halo might be used as F1's version of yellow jersey for championship leader

Is Halo right for Formula One? (2:16)

Jennie Gow and Sam Collins talk at Force India's factory about how Halo will affect the cars in the 2018 season. (2:16)

As well as protecting drivers from flying objects, the Halo could also be used to differentiate different drivers and the leader of the championship when it is introduced to Formula One next year.

The decision to implement Halo on F1 cars in 2018 has been massively controversial and represents one of the most significant regulation changes in the history of the series, which has always featured fully exposed cockpits. Much of the criticism of the Halo centres around its look, with the prototypes tested so far often uninspiring in a plain black colour -- much different from how the final designs are expected to look.

FIA president Jean Todt thinks F1 can use the Halo in a similar way cycling's Tour de France uses a yellow jersey to distinguish the overall leader from the rest of the pack.

"I think there are some clever ideas," Todt said about how F1 can make the Halo look better. "I heard one idea that I quite like, we should give a different colour of Halo to the leader of the world championship."

This year F1 has tweaked its regulations to ensure numbers and driver names are more visible on cars, something Todt thinks the Halo will enhance

"I want to see the name and the number of the cars, which we cannot see. So maybe it will be one opportunity to give that - even if I hear already that teams have sold the space to sponsors. So lucky them!"

When asked about the backlash against the Halo, Todt pointed out that having an unattractive car is a small price to pay for ensuring driver safety.

"Honestly, I don't care. I do care if something will happen and I will realise that we didn't do something that we could do.I f you see all the last severe crashes in single-seater racing, they have been around the head. I am sure that other bad incidents will happen, and we need to have a vision to do something beforehand."