Sergio Perez questioned 'dirty' Kevin Magnussen block in drivers' briefing

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SPA-FRANCORCHAMPS, Belgium -- Sergio Perez raised Kevin Magnussen's driving to FIA race director Charlie Whiting in Friday evening's drivers' briefing after what he perceived to be a block in FP2.

Perez had complained that the Haas driver is "always so dirty" early in that session after Magnussen appeared to weave across the path of his Force India at Turn 7. Further replays showed Perez had allowed Magnussen through at the previous corner but gone to the inside to re-take track position.

Asked if he felt the block had been intentional, the Mexican driver replied: "Yes, he knew I was there because he just overtook me. I don't know what was the reason behind it."

It comes just a race after Magnussen clashed with Nico Hulkenberg after the Hungarian Grand Prix, when the Renault driver complained the Dane was "the most unsportive driver on the grid" -- only to be met with the response "Suck my balls, mate" live on TV.

Perez is worried Magnussen could cause an accident if he keeps driving in a similar fashion.

"I don't know what he was angry about. I just don't think it's the way to react. We have seen that Kevin has reacted that way a couple of times already. It's not good because the speeds we are doing, he could cause a very bad incident and there's no need. That's why I wanted to raise the point.

"Hopefully Charlie keeps it in his mind because tomorrow there can be an accident and it's maybe too late so that's why I wanted to raise a point and it's all done with me.

When the incident was raised in the drivers' briefing, Magnussen remained silent as he did not realise Perez had been referring to an incident with him. Both men spoke to the media after the briefing, which takes place on the Friday of every race weekend with all 20 drivers, by which point Magnussen had seen the incident in question.

Offering his own viewpoint on what happened, Magnussen said Perez's driving had left him confused, as the Force India driver had slowed and let him through just one corner before.

"In the drivers' briefing I thought it must have been someone else, I couldn't remember any incident with me. [Afterwards] I looked at it on video and it was that he'd let me past and then for some reason let me through again, maybe it was because he didn't realise I was on a slow lap, thought I was on a fast lap and tried to get me back. I'd started warming up my tyres and I thought he was gone, let me past. It wasn't intentional."