F1 assessing options for second US GP

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New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Las Vegas all have the potential to host a second grand prix in the U.S.A., according to Formula One chairman Chase Carey.

A city-based race in the U.S. has been high on F1's agenda since the commercial rights for the sport were bought by Liberty Media in January. All four of the cities mentioned above have been talked about as potential venues and Carey says there has been interest from potential race promoters in all of them.

"Traditionally I think I've usually said four: New York, Miami, L.A. and Vegas," Carey told Racer. "They're illustrative. I don't think we want to be engaging these discussions in public.

"We have interest from each of those; we have interest from more than one in a number of them, but I think we're not going to publicly play people against each other. We want to find the right platform with the right partners, the right opportunity, the right place and the right type of event that will capture peoples' imagination.

"I think the right way to go about that is to have these discussions. We want them to be real partners, we're not just looking to do a deal. We really want to have a partnership where we're engaged.

"These events are a face to the sport, and I think it's important we have an event that represents what makes this sport special. So we want to be thoughtful about it and find the right partners in the right places and the right opportunity."

The existing U.S. Grand Prix in Austin joined the calendar on a ten-year contract in 2012 and, despite concerns over the future of the race in recent years, Liberty is keen to keep it in Formula One. Carey sees no reason why the U.S.A. shouldn't host multiple races, but said the main focus would be on getting a second race up and running before targeting more.

"I think you start with one. I wouldn't want to do two [at the same time]. I think you learn from the one and take what you learn. But yeah, I think our hope would be that down the road it would be more than one.

"That's far enough down the road and I don't want everyone focusing on numbers. But if the sport can be what we think it can be then we hope there's more than one. But the focus right now is really on adding that second race to Austin and trying to make sure it is what we want it to be."