Copenhagen reveals plans for Formula One street circuit

The route of a proposed street race around the city of Copehnagen has been revealed by a group planning a Danish Grand Prix for 2020 and beyond.

A Danish consortium have developed a plan for a 4.5 kilometer circuit, which would run past the Christiansborg Palace -- home of the Danish parliament -- and go over two different harbour bridges, according to a report in the Jyllands-Posten newspaper. Planners hope cars will be able to reach 300 km/h along one of those, the Knippelsbro Bridge.

The report states the €40 million plan is being backed by Danish business magnate Lars Seier Christensen -- a former personal sponsor of Romain Grosjean -- and former MP Helge Sander and has been provisionally signed off by new Formula One owners Liberty Media. It also reports F1 circuit designer Herman Tilke visited the city in March of this year to oversee the planned route.

Sander says the current proposal is the outline of circuit planners hope will join the calendar in 2020.

"The track we have submitted to Formula One in London is not with complete certainty the final version, but it is the basis, and if there are any changes they will be minimal," Sander told Jyllands-Posten. "The track has been approved by Hermann Tilke who also had questions and ideas for adjustments. But that is something we will look at on an ongoing basis."

A Danish Grand Prix would align with Liberty Media's desire to increase the calendar and strengthen F1's European heritage.

Despite the apparent sign-off by the FIA and Liberty, Danish media also says the circuit still needs support of politicians on a local level to go ahead, with elections taking place later this year which will likely to have a big say in whether the race goes ahead.

Copenhagen lord mayor Frank Jensen suggested the logistical impact of the race needs to be studied in proper detail.

"We have to look closer how a Formula One race might happen and how it will affect the everyday life of the people of Copenhagen, before we decide if the municipality can support the project. So far we have only provided technical assistance and the project haven't been discussed politically."

Denmark is currently represented by Haas driver Kevin Magnussen, who is currently in his third full season of F1.