Radio Ga Ga: Kvyat told to mind his language

Radio Ga Ga: Canadian Grand Prix (0:55)

Catch up with the best of race radio from Montreal as Daniil Kvyat requires some strong censorship. (0:55)

There were plenty of radio messages to choose from following a chaotic Canadian Grand Prix, but one driver's transcript stood out above the rest...

Kvyat turns the airwaves blue

"There's not any anti-stall. Clutch failure, clutch failure guys."
Things get off to a bad start as Daniil Kvyat fails to make it away from the grid. Under the regulations he must resume his place by the first safety car line (towards the end of the lap) or start from the pit lane. He fails to do so and is therefore subject to a penalty later in the race...

"Dani, box, box for drive-through penalty. We will not ..."
"Arrgh! For f---'s sake"

Kvyat is issued a drive-through penalty and doesn't take the news well.

"What a [censored]. [censored]."
"Copy, copy. Watch your words as well, please."

Things are going from bad to worse for Kvyat as he attempts to fightback from his drive-through.

"I had some strange vibrations from the engine on the exit of Turn 3."
"Box, box, box, Dany. We will have a ten-second penalty. Don't worry, we are still fighting for P10. We have a 10-second penalty but we are still fighting for P10..."
"What for?! What for?!"
"Don't worry, 10-second penalty. Box, box."

Kvyat reports a potential mechanical issue only to be told he was issued with the wrong penalty earlier (it should have been a 10-second stop-go) and now he has a further 10-second time penalty to serve. He is brought into the pits only for a wheel nut to stick, delaying him further.

"Stop the engine, stop the engine, Dany."
The issue proves terminal and Kvyat is told to give up. In post-race interviews he labels F1 a "stupid f---ing circus".

The supporting cast...

"I mean, what are they doing? What a crazy start. They need to calm down."
Fernando Alonso reacts to the carnage at Turn 3 as he has to take to the grass to avoid getting wiped out by Carlos Sainz's Toro Rosso.

"What a ... What a mental guy! What was that?! Box, I think I've got damage on the front wing. What a mental guy!"
Romain Grosjean, who was involved in the original collision when Sainz moved over on him, makes his feelings known.

"Check the aero numbers, front left. It seems I have quite a lot of understeer and little grip on the front left. Yeah, there seems to be an issue. I think I have damage on the front wing. Maybe we can delay that stop a little bit?"
"There is a risk of damage to the car and it's too dangerous, so box now."
Grosjean isn't the only one with a broken front wing, Sebastian Vettel also reports damage following a collision with Max Verstappen in the first corner.

"[We have] embarrassing power in this mode."
Alonso's back, but this time it's the Honda power unit that is the source of his frustration.

"Okay, Fernando, this pace is good, we are looking at Plan A plus five ..."
"You are not giving me useful information! I need the pace of Magnussen."
Alonso wants to take his strategy into his own hands rather than have it dictated to him from the McLaren pit wall.

"Engine! Engine blew up."
And Alonso's race ends in a familiar fashion as a loss of oil pressure brings his McLaren to a halt a handful of laps from the end.

"It's a waste of time, man. Ricciardo is taking off, I want the chance to overtake him. Let us race, man. Please."
"The plan is that we want to attack before the Ferraris arrive behind us. If he couldn't get past we would switch back."
Sergio Perez and the Force India pit wall negotiate over whether he should cede track position to teammate Esteban Ocon. In the end Perez got his way but both Force Indias got passed by Vettel's Ferrari.

"Nice work Lewis, excellent race mate. Walk in the park for you today."
"Fantastic job guys. Well deserved and some great points for the team. Well done to Valtteri as well."
A relatively quiet day for Lewis Hamilton ends with a victory message.

"OK, mate that's it. P3 nice job, excellent!"
"Holy f---!"
"Yeah, you had a bit on there. Very good, very solid. No mistakes."
Daniel Ricciardo's engineer, Simon Rennie, congratulates his driver on holding off the two Force Indias while managing his power unit to avoid a repeat of Max Verstappen's failure. Ricciardo's response speaks for itself.