Hamilton compares Rosberg and Bottas as teammates

How do Hamilton and Vettel differ? (2:44)

As the two drivers vie for the title, we look at how former world champions Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel compare. (2:44)

Lewis Hamilton said his first one-two victory with new teammate Valtteri Bottas had a different feel to the 27 he secured alongside Nico Rosberg.

Hamilton and Rosberg were teammates for four seasons at Mercedes, and for three of those years enjoyed a dominant car before Rosberg retired as champion at the end of 2016. Although they had been teammates as teenagers in go-karts, their relationship at Mercedes quickly soured when they were pitched into a head-to-head battle in 2014 and it continued to create problems for Mercedes' management until the last race of 2016.

Rosberg was replaced by Bottas at the start of the season and, following their first one-two victory in Canada, Hamilton said the maturity of his new teammate had helped create a more relaxed environment at Mercedes.

"It's always a great thing for a team to achieve a one-two, it's always special," Hamilton said when asked if it felt any different scoring a one-two with Bottas instead of Rosberg. "I think experiencing it with Valtteri is definitely different.

"I think the chemistry Valtteri and I have is different. I think the working environment we've both experienced this year is on a complete other level, on a professional level that's been above any other year that I have experienced.

"That obviously comes from Valtteri's maturity and how the team also works with us, to give us a fair platform to fight. As I said on the podium, it's our first 1-2, it's solid, solid points for the team."

Unlike the previous three years, Mercedes is also facing serious competition from Ferrari this season and has struggled to match the Scuderia for consistency at the opening seven rounds. Bottas struggled more than Hamilton in Canada -- which was a reverse of their fortunes in Monaco -- but Hamilton believes his teammate will return to form at future races.

"I'm sure Valtteri will say he didn't enjoy his qualifying, because he was rapid in Monaco for example, but it's very difficult with the car we have at the moment. I know he is going to have many more wins to come and that when he has those wins I am able to back him up and get those points for the team."