Romain Grosjean compares Carlos Sainz collision with Spa 2012

Romain Grosjean has compared Carlos Sainz's actions at the start of the Canadian Grand Prix with the collision that got him a one-race ban in 2012.

On the first lap of Sunday's race, Sainz moved across on Grosjean on the run down to Turn 3 and pushed the Haas driver on the grass. Grosjean managed to retain control of his car, but when Sainz moved across a second time they made contact.

Sainz's Toro Rosso was sent into a spin, collecting Felipe Massa's Williams at the apex of Turn 3 and taking both cars out of the race. Grosjean suffered front wing damage but was able to recover to tenth by the end of the race.

Sainz later apologised for the incident on Twitter and explained that Grosjean had been in his blind spot. Grosjean accepted Sainz's apology on social media, but beforehand had compared the incident to his collision with Lewis Hamilton at the 2012 Belgian Grand Prix, which resulted in him being banned from the following race.

"There's probably a blind spot, but you know where you are going into Turn 1 and he was on the outside of Turn 2, so probably on the exit there was going to be someone on the inside," Grosjean said. "He moved twice, so either we need to change the mirrors or be more careful.

"But to be fair, I did the same to Lewis Hamilton in 2012 and I got a pretty tough one."

Sainz was given a three-place grid penalty and two penalty points on his superlicence for the incident, which pales in comparison to Grosjean's race ban from 2012. But when asked if he thought Sainz also deserved a ban, Grosjean played down the suggestion.

"I was there, I was alongside him, so it's the same type of thing, but I'm not saying it's a race ban. I'm not saying he needs a big fine as I had, but I'm saying I'm very unhappy with the way he behaved and I think it was very dangerous and he was lucky not to hit anyone in Turn 3."