Lewis Hamilton 'deflated' after 'disastrous' Q2 exit

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Lewis Hamilton says he is left feeling "deflated" following his early exit from qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix in Q2.

Hamilton was constantly fighting his Mercedes as he struggled throughout the session, before he was ultimately eliminated from qualifying in Q2 after Stoffel Vandoorne crashed out while Hamilton was on his final attempt to try and make it into the final segment of qualifying. As a result, the Briton was forced to back out of his lap and ended the session 14th.

When asked if he felt his lap was good enough to reach Q3 had Vandoorne not crashed, Hamilton replied: "I don't know. It doesn't really matter does it? I got the yellow flag. Deflated, but I'll keep pushing tomorrow. The opportunity wasn't really there for me. I just struggled with the car. I don't really have much to say at the moment.

"I mean that's pretty much the weekend done. Tomorrow I'll just be driving around in whatever position outside of the top 10. I'll try and get up as high as I can but it's hard to overtake here as you know. It's going to be a nice Sunday drive tomorrow I imagine."

The session marked the first time Hamilton has failed to reach the top ten shootout -- barring mechanical failures -- since the 2013 Italian Grand Prix. Mercedes non-executive chairman Niki Lauda admits Mercedes failed to find the right setup on Hamilton's car and labelled the triple world champion's qualifying a "disaster".

"We could not get the setup right on Lewis' car therefore his disastrous qualifying," Lauda told Sky Sports F1 after the session. "Bottas car it was better, very close to second place. With him we are happy, with Lewis not at all. We have to analyse it, I have no idea.

"Now we have to really check carefully what is the differences between the two cars, why the whole setup works on one car and not on the other. For Lewis it is very difficult where he is standing. Vettel is right up front so let's wait and see what will happen tomorrow."