Monaco Grand Prix tyre allocations revealed

Pirelli has revealed each drivers' tyre allocation for the Monaco Grand Prix, with the teams opting for a strong bias towards the ultra-soft compound.

Monaco is the first race this year where the teams have had the freedom to pick their compounds beyond the mandatory two sets Pirelli nominates to be kept for race day. Up to this point the allocations have been prescribed by Pirelli so that each driver has seven of the softest compound, five of the second softest and two of the hardest.

But for Monaco the freedom for teams and drivers to make their own selection has seen all teams load up on the ultra-softs, with Red Bull, Williams, Renault and McLaren's Jenson Button devoting all but the mandatory sets of one soft and one super-soft to the purple-striped tyre.

Monaco is expected to be a one-stop race split between the ultra-soft and the super-soft. All teams will opt for ultra-soft tyres for qualifying, meaning drivers are likely to devote the majority of their practice time trying to find a good setup for the all-important Saturday afternoon session.