Renault releases stunning vision for F1 in 2027

Renault has released a concept car at the Shanghai Motor Show to illustrate its vision of Formula One in ten years' time.

Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren have all produced similar concepts in recent years with the aim of showcasing the potential look and technology of future racing cars.

The Renault RS 2027 Vision features a power unit with over 1,300 horsepower, including two 250KW Energy Recovery Systems on the front and rear axles (up from the current single 120KW ERS), making the car four-wheel drive. The concept car would still feature a V6 turbo, but fuel would be limited to just 60kg for a 250km race rather than the current 105kg for a 300km race. The minimum weight limit would be set at 600 kilos, seeing a significant increase in power-to-weight ratio over the current F1 cars.

A transparent, covered cockpit is designed to be both safe and allow spectators to see the driver at work. Fans can also interact via social media to offer drivers power boosts -- similar to the Fan Boost concept currently used in Formula E. Oddly for a single seater, the RS 2027 Vision has LED front lights as well as lighting to show fans which lap it is on and when the car is running in electric mode to save fuel.

Active aerodynamics would also feature to work hand in hand with driver-controlled active suspension, which would also work to recover energy. Four-wheel steering is also allowed to improve the handling of the car.

And to show off manufacturers' advances with autonomous road cars, Safety Car periods would see all the cars switch to an automated driving mode at reduced speeds.

The car is, of course, a concept/marketing exercise but gives an insight into the direction the French manufacturer would like to see the sport go.