Williams: Paddy Lowe's arrival has been hugely motivational

Claire Williams has praised the impact chief technical officer Paddy Lowe has had since his arrival at Williams, adding his presence has been "more motivational than anything" in 2017.

Following his departure from Mercedes and subsequent period of gardening leave, Lowe returned to Williams, the team he began his Formula One career with in 1987. Despite only being appointed in the new role ahead of the season-opener in Australia, Williams says his arrival at the Grove-based outfit has already had a positive effect on the team.

"There hasn't been a massive overhaul; we still have most people in play," Williams said. "Paddy [Lowe]'s arrival into the team has been hugely motivational more than anything so far. Obviously it's going to take a bit of time for him to embed himself in the team and to found out where the true weaknesses are and to start rectifying those.

"Just having somebody of Paddy's calibre, I suppose, join our team is not only a message for everybody out there, looking and seeing where our ambitions are, but also it's a huge motivating force for everyone within Williams to know that the board at Williams is hugely ambitious about our future and we want somebody of Paddy's calibre to come and help turn our fortunes around."

The team has also bolstered its aerodynamic department with the signing of former Ferrari chief aerodynamicist Dirk de Beer, who Williams believes has already had a significant impact since his arrival earlier this year.

"Dirk de Beer, who joined us now many weeks ago actually and who has already had a significant impact in our aero team and is doing a fantastic job and obviously the car he designed won the first race this year, so that's a real positive for us."