Fernando Alonso on Honda engine in Bahrain: I've never raced with less power

Fernando Alonso was left perplexed by the extent of his power deficit in Bahrain, which ended with his third retirement in as many races.

The Sakhir race -- home of McLaren's owners -- saw Honda reach a new low, with Stoffel Vandoorne failing to make the start and Alonso failing to make the finish to cap a weekend blighted by engine issues. Despite the limitations of the engine Alonso, who this week revealed he will miss the Monaco GP to contest the Indy 500, turned in another gutsy drive and was on the cusp of the top ten for the whole race until he retired two laps from the finish.

During the race, Alonso's anger was made clear as the Spaniard took to the radio to complain about how much time he was losing on the straights to other cars.

""How they can overtake me?" he asked at one stage. "300 metres behind, and they overtake me on the straight, I've never raced with less power in my life!"

Later, when told by McLaren it was considering a strategy switch to 'Plan B', he replied simply: ""Do whatever you want, man."

After the race Alonso went on to explain his frustrations, saying he was baffled by how quickly his rivals caught him along the straights.

"It was amazing, the deficit we had on the straight," he said. "Sometimes I looked in the mirror at the beginning of the straight and I saw the car 300-400 metres behind, so I forgot completely about the car, started changing settings on the steering wheel, and on the braking he was alongside!

"How can he recover 300, 400 metres in one straight? It's frustrating. It was surprising at times, the deficit we had, but we tried to be closed to the points. We nearly were, because we were P11, P12. We need to keep working."

When asked when his luck will changed, he replied: "Well, it's not luck! We didn't do a good job with the engine. It's not luck, we are down on performance."