Lewis Hamilton hopes to harness Barcelona's fighting spirit in 2017

Raikkonen sets fastest time of testing (0:49)

Kimi Raikkonen secured a staggering time of 1:18:634 while there were more problems for McLaren and Mercedes smashed the 1,000 lap mark. (0:49)

BARCELONA, Spain -- After witnessing Barcelona's stunning Champions League comeback midweek, Lewis Hamilton is hoping to harness some of the team's fighting spirit for his 2017 campaign.

Hamilton and Mercedes look set to have a fight on their hands this year after a series of impressive lap times from Ferrari in the second week of winter testing. Earlier this week, Hamilton attended the Nou Camp to watch his friend Neymar and co overturn a 4-0 first leg deficit and win 6-1 -- scoring three goals in an epic final seven minutes to progress to the quarter-finals.

Asked about the experience after the eighth and final day of winter testing, he said: "It was the best game I've ever seen. I just feel really lucky to have been there, I've been talking to [Neymar] about going to watch him play now for a while and finally, being here, it worked out perfect. Some of my best friends flew over from the UK. And what a fight it was!"

Hamilton lost out to former Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg in the 2016 title race but seemed to suggest he had learned a lot from watching the Champions League result unfold.

"It was great to see such fighting spirit, it was really kind of inspiring, these guys didn't stop, didn't quit, kept pushing. I left there thinking I need to use that mentality into my season. To see the atmosphere from the fans... I've never seen anything like it.

"The energy in that place was so explosive. When we left everyone was in such a good mood, everyone was bibbing their horns as they were driving around all night long. Then I got to spend some time with the champ, he played phenomenally well so it really showed great maturity and his incredible gift."