Daniil Kvyat ignoring pressure over Toro Rosso seat

BARCELONA, Spain -- Daniil Kvyat is confident he will not have to deal with any "unpredictable scenarios" regarding his Toro Rosso seat this season, insisting he has put the events of last year are well and truly behind him.

Kvyat has remained at Toro Rosso for this year despite a turbulent 2016 which saw him demoted from Red Bull after four races, which was followed by a struggle for form. A resurgence late in the year saw him retain his seat despite the fact Red Bull junior Pierre Gasly won the GP2 feeder championship -- the first of the company's young drivers to do so.

When asked if he still feels like he has a point to prove in 2017, Kvyat replied: "What happened last year has been locked in the safe, like a passport and taken out only if necessary. It's maybe different [this year] but now I'm just focusing on my own job."

He was then asked if it is difficult to ignore the pressure hanging over the Red Bull programme at all times, to which he simply replied: "No, it's not difficult."

Gasly, who is still a Red Bull junior, will drive in Japan's Super Formula this year but Kvyat is refusing to dwell on what the Frenchman is doing, insisting that his own performances will dictate his future.

"For everyone, for me and [teammate] Carlos [Sainz], it's the same kind of situation, you always have to deliver. But I'm confident we will deliver and it should be fine, so I don't think there will be any kind of unpredictable scenarios. Just do your job, good and clean. Focusing on our own performance not something going on in Japan or something.

"I think the progress always has to be there. We need to have a clean, consistent season, don't leave anything on the table. As many races you can do where you say you didn't leave anything on the table as possible is the goal."