Fernando Alonso launches his own emoji app

Fernando Alonso

Have you ever felt emotionally constipated because your phone's emojis don't allow you to convey your true feelings in the style of a famous racing driver? Fear not...

Two-time champion and current McLaren driver Fernando Alonso has launched an app allowing his fans to communicate via the medium of his animated face.

Feeling happy? There's a Fernando Alonso emoji for you. Feeling tired? There's a Fernando Alonso emoji for you. Feeling angry? There are several Fernando Alonso emojis for you. The whole breadth of human emotion can now be communicated through Fernando Alonso's face (sunglasses optional).

And, yes, there is also an emoji for that time when your car breaks down (again!) and there is nothing left to do but sit in a deckchair and enjoy the Brazilian sunshine while inadvertently creating an internet sensation and your own trending hashtag.

The Fernando Alonso Relevans app is free to download but costs €0.99 to use.