Honda, Renault fire up 2017 engines for first time

McLaren and Renault have released audio of their 2017 engines being fired up for the first time.

With the new season fast approaching, there is much excitement surrounding the launch of McLaren's new car, which has dropped the traditional 'MP4' prefix in favour of MCL32. There are also rumours the team will revert to an orange livery, a colour synonymous with the team's early days in motorsport.

Engine supplier Honda has struggled since returning to the grid with McLaren in 2015, a year after the V6 turbo era had begun. The Japanese manufacturer has revised the architecture and layout of its engine ahead of the new season.

On Tuesday, McLaren, due to unveil its new car on February 24, tweeted another teaser about its new car, this time with audio of the 2017 engine roaring to life.

That tweet coincided with Renault -- exactly a week before the launch of its own car -- doing exactly the same with its own engine, as well as a tongue-in-cheek reply to McLaren.

Testing begins on February 27 at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain.