Eric Boullier promises 'exciting changes' to 2017 McLaren

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Eric Boullier says McLaren will reveal "exciting changes" to its 2017 car when it is unveiled ahead of the upcoming season.

McLaren will launch on February 24, amid rumours and hints of a switch to an orange livery synonymous with the team's origins and road car division. Boullier has dropped another hint at a big departure from previous designs by looking ahead to the team's launch, though he refused to be drawn on specific details.

"There will always be changes, and that's the way it always should be," Boullier told the McLaren website. "As you know, a Formula One car itself never stays the same from one race to the next. Across the businesses, in fact, we're triggering other changes -- and we've got some exciting changes planned for our new car, the MCL32, but we want those to be kept secret until we show it to the world on February 24th!"

McLaren has previously resisted a switch back to an orange livery and has featured predominantly grey or black cars since the mid-1990s. The team tested with the iconic paint-job ahead of the 2006 season.

The rumours of a return to orange first started when McLaren tweeted its launch date with an orange countdown clock, before an orange outline of a car for cover photos on its official Facebook and Twitter pages.