Haas hopes for 2017 driver announcement in Brazil

Andre/Sutton Images

Haas boss Guenther Steiner says the team hopes to confirm its 2017 driver line-up this weekend during the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Haas has delayed on announcing Romain Grosjean's teammate for next year, with uncertainty surrounding Esteban Gutierrez's future. This week various reports have said Renault's Kevin Magnussen has agreed to move to the American team.

Though Steiner refused to comment on whether it is Magnussen or Gutierrez, he wants the deal to be wrapped up by the time the grid leaves Interlagos this weekend.

"Hopefully we will announce something this weekend," he said. "There are still a few things things we need to talk to people about and then we will announce who our driver we will be."

When asked the reasons for the delay, Steiner replied: "It's just the little work when you get close to doing a deal. It's the same as like when you buy a car, in the end you want a free carpet or something new. We are in that stage at the moment."

After a wildly inconsistent 2016 Steiner thinks Haas needs the right line-up next year to make a step forward.

"What you have to understand is that we are still a young team, the confidence in us... someone needs to understand that and want to be with us. We had a good start but then we dipped a little bit, we've got ups and downs, we need to sort them out. So not everyone wants to come but we wanted to speak and get the best we could get. That's what you always want to do if you want to grow a team and we genuinely want to get better.

"This is the message we want to say to the racing world. There is more than one reason why you change driver, is it money? Is it you want to do better? There are so many reasons. It's not easy, we're in quite a unique spot at the moment where some people want to come, some people don't want to come. It is fairly difficult to do it and that's why it took us longer than I thought it would.

"There was interest from people I would have thought, six months ago, would not have been interested. They all speak with you but they say 'thanks, but no thanks'. There was quite a lot of interest and some talks went on, some stopped, and then new ones came in. I hope, as much as you guys, that we get it done as soon as possible because I'm quite tired of the process and speaking about it. I'd rather have it done."

Gutierrez is yet to score a point this season -- a stark contrast to Grosjean, who currently has 29 alongside his name. Steiner refused to comment solely on Gutierrez's performances, however, saying instead the whole team wants to improve in 2017.

"You can always do better. I could do better, I'm not happy with what we did. We had a fantastic start to the season and then had our dip. But with hindsight you can always do better. I want to leave it at that."