Pascal Wehrlein has 'no idea' about 2017 drive

Gasperotti/Sutton Images

Pascal Wehrlein is happy to stay for Manor next year but admits he knows "zero" about where he will be in 2017.

Mercedes junior Wehrlein is one of the drivers yet to be confirmed to a seat next season. Nico Hulkenberg's recently-confirmed move to Renault has opened a seat at Mercedes customer Force India, while Manor is also yet to confirm either its 2017 line-up.

Speaking about where he will be next year, Wehrlein said: "Let's see. I don't know at the moment. Truly I know zero about next year, so no idea."

Asked if he would be happy with another year at Manor, he replied: "Definitely I would be happy. Of course the target is to arrive in the best position possible and if there is an opportunity to win a race, of course I want to win the race, but let's see what happens next year.

"As I said I would be happy to stay here as well. I think the team has made big progress since last year and also this year since the first race, which I am really happy about. [The team] has changed a lot and has made big progress. To stay here and make another step next year would also be a nice thing to do. I am involved in the things that will happen next year and the development."

Wehrlein does not think he would be disadvantaged by leaving Manor to join another team further up the grid, where his performances would come under greater scrutiny.

I think there is never a number one or a number two [at a team]. It depends on your performance. If your performance is great you will change quickly from a number two driver in a new team to a number one. Even if I don't think that in the modern Formula One we have today there is any more a number one and a number two driver.

"I think both drivers have the same opportunity and one is taking the opportunity more than the other one, but, yes if you join a new team you are the new member and you have to prove yourself that you can be the better one of the two drivers."